Retail & Fashion

Retail & Fashion is the definition of a fast moving industry. Lead times, accuracy, availability and reliability are all of critical importance. Supply chains are extended and complex, as manufacturing moves to lower cost countries In order to meet high demand, most retailers now source globally, making this business particularly complex. Clients are looking for a reliable, one-stop shop

Health Care

Providing high quality products, ensuring patient safety & compliance with new regulations are just some of the challenges facing the Healthcare sector.   Our expert team has the knowledge on industry product handling, global supply operations, regulatory compliance, information systems and risk management.   At MOTION we meet these challenges head on


Within the energy industry, the key to the success and maintenance of both new projects and existing facilities lies in efficiently utilizing labor, infrastructure and equipment. Because of the increased activity, lead times on maintenance, repair, operating goods and capital equipment have become increasingly longer, lengthening the delivery time in the supply chain. Cost pressure, a

Aviation & Aerospace

The global aviation and aerospace market including aircraft, component, raw material manufacturers, industry suppliers, airlines and MRO (maintenance repair and overhaul) providers, depend on a wide variety of supply chain solutions. At MOTION , we provide transportation and outsourced logistics services across all these segments from managing the inbound flow of goods into production plants,


The automotive industry is facing big challenges such sustainable mobility, government emissions regulations, autonomous vehicles and growth in emerging markets. Manufacturers are having to re-design their supply chains to meet these challenges. Our experts assess, identify, design and implement innovative solutions, incremental changes, and improvements that allow greater efficiencies and

Project Cargo

The complex requirements that encompass the transportation of heavy and over-dimensional equipment forces to assign the right partner to offer integrated logistics project management and transportation services to ensure your freight reaches its destination according to plan. At MOTION, we partner with the leading Mega service providers globally and locally at every step of the cargo movement